How to suspend or unsuspend an account in linux servers ?

WebHost Manager enables you to suspend or unsuspend an accounts. The suspend function temporarily disables an account until you unsuspend it. A suspended account is unable to access their account and their website is replaced with your suspended account page.
The following procedure will help you to suspend an account in your linux reseller account.

Required Information

Your Web Host Manager(WHM) control panel user name and password.

[1] Access your control panel at 

[ ! Notes ]
You must have port 2086 access enabled in your internet connection to access this control panel. Usually it is enabled, but if you are in a network and if your are not able to access this, please contact your network admin and enable this port.

[2] Supply the user name & password provided by Us.

[3] To access the Account Functions Menu, click on the Account Functions icon, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager interface.

[4] Click on the Suspend/Unsuspend icon an Account.

[5] Click on the required domain or user name in the displayed list.

[6] If you are suspending an account, enter a brief description of why the account is being suspended in the field next to Reason.

[7] Click on the Suspend button to suspend the account or the UnSuspend button to unsuspend the account.

[ * Tips ]
WebHost Manager enables you to suspend problematic accounts. 
Suspension simply means that no web site pages are served to accounts, no FTP connections are accepted, and all e-mail is blocked. 
Suspension is the first step in dealing with problematic accounts.
If the problems can not be resolved, the account may need to be terminated.

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