How to place an order with a Coupon Code?

1) Please click on the "Order Now" button for the product you want to purchase.

2) Select the option as per your requirement (Please go to Step 5 if your product does not require domain) :
    a) I want Katya Web to register a new domain for me - If you want to register for a new Domain.
    b) I want to transfer my domain to Katya Web -  If you already have a registered domain with another company and you want to transfer that domain to us.
    c)  I will update my nameservers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain - If you already have a registered domain with another company and you don't want to tranfer the domain. Please        note, then you need to update the nameserver details of your domain.

3) Enter the Domain name on the below Input Box.

4) Select the available required domain and "Click to continue".

5) Select the "Billing Cycle" as per your choice.

6) Click on "Add to cart".

7) Select the domain configuration option and "Update Cart". (Applicable for Register and Transfer only).

8) Enter the Promo / Coupon Code and then click on "Validate Code".

9) Verify the Order Details and then click on "Checkout".

10) Fill up all the details or Login if you already have an account.

11) Select any payment method and click on "Complete Order".

12) Make the payment. Your account will be activated on successful payment.

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