How to Add the Subdomains in Linux/Java Accounts ?

The Sub Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add and remove subdomains. Subdomains allow you to access different directoryies by using a domain name which you do not have to register. For example, if you want to access forums on your site, you can create and link it to the directory that your forums are in. Any current subdomains will be listed under Current Sub-Domains.The following procedure will guide you to add a sub domain under your linux account.

Required Information

Your website's hosting control panel user name and password.

[1] Access your control panel at  

[ ! Notes ]
You must have port 2082 access enabled in your internet connection to access this control panel. Usually it is enabled, but if you are in a network and if your are not able to access this, please contact your network admin and enable this port.
If you access as it will take minimum upto 48 hrs to reflect from the time registration of the domain to access your cPanel.

[2] Supply the user name & password.

[3] To access the Sub Domain Maintenance menu, click on the  Subdomains menu on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

[4] Supply the name of the sub domain you wish to create.

[5] Click on the Add button. A folder with the same name as the sub domain has now been added to your public_html folder.

[6] If you wish to set up any redirection for this sub domain. For Example,  should be redirected to
Click on the required subdomain from the first drop-down list.

[7] Click on the Setup Redirection button.

[8] Enter the redirection address in the available field. Make sure that you end the address with a trailing slash. [ Example ]

[9] Click on the Save button.

[ ! Notes ]
Sub domains can be redirected to individual files in another domain or in the same domain itself. 
Avoid using lengthy redirections 
The redirection URL must end with a  /

[ * Tips ]
Removing a subdomain will not remove the file or directory that it displays.

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